For those wanting to experience a true taste of Korea; NeNe Chicken delivers to the five senses by serving Authentic Korean Fried Chicken that uniquely satisfies.

Whether enjoying a personal indulgence or catching up with friends and family, our commitment to quality Korean fried chicken, sauce, and side dishes marks a unique point of differece.

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The name "NeNe" simply means "Yes! Yes!" in Korean. We pride ourselves on delivering the NeNe experience with our farm-fresh poultry and produce together with our tireless quality service and a happy dining experience. We are committed to sharing our cheerful spirit with all our customers, by providing the best fried chicken we have to offer! Made to order, we have a variety of crunchy, juicy fried chicken coated with a mouth watering selection of our secret recipe sauces.

Having recently arrived in Australia, our mission remains unchanged. Be it dine-in or take-away, we strive to offer the freshest and tastiest chicken for you to leave with a happy spirit and the full NeNe experience; knowing you made the right choice, the Happy Choice. NeNe Chicken believes in the benefits of giving back to the community, being happy & eating well while being commercially successful. The aim is to sell a lot more than a piece of tasty chicken, we endeavour to spread our happy spirit, one satisfied customer at a time.